Great entrepreneurs
can come from anywhere

".. we don’t like to criticise entrepreneurs. I don’t care if we think your idea is stupid or whatever. You’re trying to create something from nothing. You’re trying to chase your dream. We support that, period."

Ben Horowitz, Andreessen Horowitz

‍d.labs was created from an idea that great entrepreneurs can come from anywhere. Wherever we find true grit combined with willingness to learn and respect for one's customers, we believe such traits can lead to discoveries of great products, underlined with sustainable and sound business models. This is what we're here to support.

Building successful digital products is level 'hard'. Building them while figuring out if there's a need for them is level 'legendary'.
‍Started in London, UK and Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2010, we have set ourselves on a journey to build a different kind of technology company. As a group of former founders, developers and designers that have built some of the most exciting digital companies coming from Central Europe, we've felt problems that business-focused entrepreneurs face, on our own skin.

‍Business-focused entrepreneurs many times do not have a luxury of starting with a product team they can trust and rely on. And even when they do, their products can undergo fundamental pivots of business ad technology stack. We believe your product team should adapt with that as well.

Which is why we created d.labs. A different breed of service company, providing you with a combination of advisory, consulting and product-development support a new, untested, idea requires to stand a chance to make an impact. A true co-creation and innovation partner for all things early-stage.

‍We are proud to have worked with some amazing people in the UK and European entrepreneurial ecosystem in the last 9 years. 53 new tech companies have been seeded with design and technology originating from d.labs, and those companies have had some of the best survival rates in the industry. We're even prouder of the exits and unicorn statuses.

Today we have evolved further to support entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs from a wide set of backgrounds and industries. We believe that corporate giants don’t have to stay in their lane. We're bringing startup speed to the firms wrapped up in red-tape and corporate maturity as to the startups running in a thousand directions but never getting out of the starting gate.
So, whether you wear a suit and sensible heels or jeans and a ‘when did you last wash that really though?’ company tee, we can make something great together.

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Our Founding Principles

Customers over competitors

We reverse engineer from the customer’s perspective - not just your competitors’ - to ensure our work is as needs-tested as it is means-tested. Although aggressive marketing can go a long way to create a demand, this is not the basis for a viable, let alone a valuable, business in the long-term.

Keep it Lean

It’s said that knowing when to stop is the artist’s hardest problem, but our team is hugely disciplined in this. Over-developing kills good products; we establish expectations and outcomes from the outset to prevent run on costs, delays and superfluous design features. By taking a pragmatic approach to design first and foremost, we ensure that your costs stay as lean as our methods.

Lateral thinking is always better than unilateral decision-making

d.labs is a firm believer in the power of synergy; it’s only by harnessing collective expertise and lessons from past successes and mistakes that we are able to produce products with disruptive potential.

We provide direction, not experiments.

Although having an open-mind and validation-driven method are key tenets of our work, our process drives towards clearly defined outcomes.

If we aren’t learning, we aren’t leading.

Providing opportunities for our own people to grow is as important to our company as our commitment to nurturing innovators amongst our clients’ people. As an employer, we encourage and enable our people to learn at every step of the way, which translates into mastering new methodologies, implementation of emerging technologies, discovering innovative solutions and improving our processes on a daily basis.