From founder’s passion to first round investment meetings in 4 weeks

The challenge

We were approached by a reputable fem-tech entrepreneur with a strong passion to address one of the last remaining taboos in women's wellbeing - menopause. The founder had an impressive overview of the challenges in this space and wanted to use our help to discover a viable business model and an MVP, in order to attract pre-seed investors. 

The Product

The founder has used the d.labs Recon, a rapid research & discovery product for venture builders, to come up with a minimum viable business model (MVB) in the shortest possible time, followed by  d.labs Product sprint, a rapid prototyping process where we create a facade of a product experience, building just what we need to make the prototype real enough to get an authentic response from potential customers and validate our solution hypothesis.  

The process

The entire discovery process was aimed at demonstrating evidence that would help the founder build a compelling investment proposition and start proving some early customer traction. We helped define their business strategy and build a prototype to bring this strategy to life.  We helped the founder build a landing page MVP that showcased the product idea, helped acquire early followers and start building relationships with them through personalized menopause advice. 

Our proven process:

  • Competition and market analysis
  • Tech assessment
  • Problem interviews
  • Minimum viable business model
  • Design prototype
  • Value proposition definition
  • Minimum Viable Brand
  • Landing page 
  • Wizard of Oz MVP

The outcome

In 4 weeks, we have co-created an investor deck that included:

  • a value proposition that was based on a series of exploratory interviews with women in menopause
  • a scalable technology-concept, involving an emergent NLP (natural language processing) approach, an AI-powered way to simulate diagnostic conversations with women in menopause - supported and approved by an AI lead in a later-stage med-tech scale-up
  • a product-concept and design that took into account the need to seamlessly blend human-to-human and human-to-machine interactions
  • A strong hypothesis on the revenue model 
  • Assessment of the market size and a beachhead custom segment 
  • Positioning and a go2market strategy to get to first 500 customers 

We have also used the preparation of the deck itself to invite multiple investors and a range experts to establish an initial social capital that allowed the founder to rapidly obtain a range of first calls with reputable seed and pre-seed investors. 

The founder was able to book over 10 investor calls in the first two weeks after the deck was created. 

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