Senior DevOps Engineer

Hi there!

We are looking for an ambitious and experienced Senior DevOps Engineer that is familiar with the Docker ecosystem and is passionate about automating and maintaining infrastructure in the cloud.

Required knowledge and skills

  • Good knowledge of the Linux ecosystem
  • Experience with CI/CD tools (such as GitHub Actions, CircleCI)
  • Experience with Docker/Docker Compose
  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Experience with configuring web servers (such as Nginx, Apache, Tomcat)
  • Knowledge of scripting language (such as Bash, Python) 
  • Knowledge of version control systems (such as GIT, SVN)
  • Experience with database setup (such as Postgres, MySQL, Redis)
  • Experience with Terraform
  • Experience with infrastructure monitoring tools (such as DataDog, AWS CloudWatch)
  • Fluent English skills, spoken and written - sorry Yoda, no way around this one!
  • Product development experience and an engineering mind
  • Ability to work well within a team
  • Enthusiasm to share your knowledge and skills
  • Ability to lead a small team and/or affinity for teaching others is an advantage

Nice to have

  • Ability to code in at least one programming language (PHP, Ruby, Go, Python), meant for making code changes and debugging and not creating full products
  • Experience with serverless architecture
  • Experience with GCP, Azure
  • Experience with Ansible, Chef, SaltStack

Why you'll enjoy working at d.labs

  • We collaborate on interesting international projects, trying to make a real difference
  • We are a remote-first organisation, with coworkers from different locations in the CET time zone, mostly in Slovenia
  • Our development center in Ljubljana and a coworking office in Maribor will be available to you at all times, making it your choice to work from home or from the office
  • We work flexible working hours and have a relaxed working environment
  • Instead of the traditional top-down hierarchy, we use squads, tribes, and chapters to run our business (adapted from the Spotify model)
  • Our teams are cross-functional squads, focused on one project at a time and include developers, product managers, QA engineers and when needed also DevOps engineers and product designers, ensuring a collaborative and creative environment
  • We are proud of our team work and enjoy working with one another
  • Our senior experts and managers will be your mentors and allies in helping you achieve your goals
  • We offer fair pay, a transparent career and promotion plan
  • We have regular monthly 1on1 meetings with our managers
  • Our strong HR team is focused on our wellbeing, connectedness & development
  • We focus on internal learning in the form of mentorships, workshops, talks and a process we call Chapters
  • We have a strong budget for learning courses & conferences
  • We love our events like multiple team buildings per year, the New Year’s party, parties for welcoming newbies etc., both in person or, if this isn’t possible, online
  • Our brand new offices are designed for a good working experience in a relaxed and fun environment (video games, table football, bean bags, couches etc.)

Sounds exciting?

Then click on this link and apply,

After the first screening, we love to meet face to face, usually via a video call, so we can learn more about each other. If we see there is a mutual interest, we will ask you to spend some more time with us, either by coming to our offices for a full day or going through our online assessment. Our goal is both to get to know your skills better and showcase our culture and way of work to you.

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