d.labs Recon

De-risking the path to product-market fit

A two-week, high-intensity programme, led by d.labs experts, to build the foundations of your new venture
Bad products aren’t to blame for the failure of promising digital ventures, it’s the wrong products. Figuring out what products to build, how to go to market with them and how to position them within the hearts and minds of customers is a challenging process, but it’s one that requires more than brute-force alone. 

With d.labs, entrepreneurship is a science, not a gamble.
Recon (short for product-market-fit reconnaissance*) is our rapid R&D programme for venture builders.

Our Recon team will ensure your new venture is built on data-driven foundations, leveraging our proprietary tools and processes that have been tried, tested and perfected over the course of building more than 50 digital ventures. 

In the space of just two weeks, we will work together to identify the business model and products your new venture needs to succeed, all whilst honouring your budget and founding vision. 

d.labs’ core-team - consisting of an analyst, a product manager, a product designer, a technical architect and a founder-in-residence - will combine market research, analytical frameworks, a range of workshops, and hands-on design & development work to deliver strategic direction, tactical plans, clickable prototypes and key customer (or investor) facing assets. 

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*reconnaissance - a mission to obtain information by observation or other detection methods, about the activities and resources of a particular area

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The d.labs team is always looking for ways where we can give back to the entrepreneurial ecosystem our company supports and depends upon. As such, we are now offering founders outside of our portfolio the opportunity to book a free 30 minute call with one of our partners to discuss how your business can rise to the challenges and opportunities represented by COVID-19. Part counseling, part crisis management, these calls lend a sympathetic ear and a go-forward strategy to those who need them most.
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