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Founder's Challenge started in 2017 and was initially focused on proving that smart tech and innovation can be used to transform the lung health market and give access to accurate measuring and help many patients suffering from lung diseases. is a US based lung monitoring service. Founded by Ray and Satya it uses innovative algorithms to determine your overall lung health. Founders had an already existing beta in place where they could test and showcase the technology. They approached d.labs to help them better understand the problem worth solving and help them with the go to market strategy. 

Scope of Work

Step 1

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Experts insights

Service blueprint 

Solution ideation

Step 2

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MVB workshop 

User journey mapping


UX & UI design 

Motion design

Step 3

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Discovery Process

The team dived into research to better understand the context, problem, persona and market. 

After thorough immersion in the field we were able to run a few business design workshops to develop a viable business model hypothesis. Armed with a business model and business goals we started with solution ideation and prototyping. Initial prototypes were used to interview field experts and gain more insights into specifics of the problem. Better understanding the problem helped us to finalize the user flows and prototypes and run product definition workshops which resulted in having a tangible proof of concept to launch into market.

Key Insights

Lung diseases are, while affecting everyone, more dominant in the elderly population. The solution therefore needed to be simple and intuitive to use.
During our interviews with experts it became clear that we need to enable caretaker access. We designed an easy way for a patient to add a caretaker and keep them in the loop with the patient's lung health.
Through collaboration between the core tech team of and our members we were able to improve and find better solutions to already existing interactions between the technology and the end users - patients.

Design Highlights

The Outcome

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