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Buyer persona

/ˈbaɪə pɜːˈsəʊnə/

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional, researched-based representation of an ideal customer or target audience. It is not a real customer, but a profile depicting all the characteristics of an ideal, potential customer.

No matter if a business is selling a product or a service, creating a buyer persona is important for any business. It will help a business define and adapt the key aspects of their product or a service that will bring solutions to their customers' challenges, subsequently allowing the business to attract and retain customers. By creating a buyer persona, a business defines who their ideal customers is, but it is equally important to define who your buisness does not want to serve. This notion is known as a negative buyer persona.

Building a buyer persona is not an easy task and requires extensive research.

A buyer persona profile should consists of the following:

-Personal info (Age, Gender, Location, Education, Income...)

-Professional info (Job title, Company&Company size, Industry, What is their typical day like, What tools do they use...)

-Values and fears (What drives their decision making process, What do they value in their personal/professional life...)

-Goal and challenges (What are their personal/professional goals, How do they prioritize, How can your product/service help them...)

-Lifestyle and habits (How do they communicate, Where do they get information from, WHat media do they consume, What social media do they use, Which events do they attend, How do they spend their days, What are their habits...)


There are numerous online tools a business can use to create their buyer persona. Here are some suggestions:

-make my persona