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Full-stack developer

/fʊl stæk dɪˈvɛləpə/

Full stack developer is a software developer who mastered a variety of skills and is able to use these skills to build a product independently. Typically that means they are skilled in both frontend and backend web development, while also working with databases, servers and clients. 

An experienced full-stack developer is familiar with every layer of the tech stack. Tech stacks can be a web stack, mobile stack or a native application stack, depending on the project and clients’ needs. 

 A full-stack developer typically has a functional knowledge and good understanding of multiple programming languages and such as PHP, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, Python, React, Angular, HTML, CSS, etc, and very good conceptual understanding of how the stack layers interact which other and how each layer works for the given product. Understanding, comfort and  fluency throughout the whole stack is what, in a nutshell, makes a developer full-stack.

The upside of being a full-stack developer in general is having an extensive skill set which can simultaneously be thought of as a disadvantage because they do not specialize in just one area of development. However, most developers do have a favorite programming language that they have mastered overtime.