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In order to create the products and services that will really resonate with your customers, it is absolutely essential to develop your business model and technological capabilities in tandem. By co-creating in this way, your products showcase the very best of your business and your business model identifies the exact technologies you should be investing in. This prevents open-ended - and always almost over-budget - development.

Outsourcing your business and technological development needs to separate suppliers means you miss out on this positive spill-over effect and risk creating sub-optimal, disjointed products where business and technological value are out of alignment.

By providing both the commercial and digital expertise you need, d.labs helps you identify new customer bases and supplies the tools you need to reach them.
How our clients usually start working with us:

Business Development Stack

Business Design

We understand just how personal and precious the identity of your business is to you and we know how daunting it can be to put these ideas up for external scrutiny.

d.labs was created to help you get the very most out of your business, working so that your customers are as excited about what it has to offer as you are. We take a constructive approach in everything that we do, pushing for solutions and new opportunities rather than getting in the way of the passion and creativity that unites your team.

Our business design process accelerates your idea to the bona fide business model it deserves to be. We leverage our experience co-designing and scaling over 50 digital businesses to transform your value proposition into real commercial value. This time is dedicated to ensuring you have a clear sense of the market you intend to enter, its current players and pressures whilst developing a prototype business model that can be validated through iterative development, testing and refinement.

Product Discovery & Experience Design

From design thinking to design sprints - our product designers have an extensive toolkit under their belt. This allows them to make strategic product design decisions although the project by either doing customer validation interviews or producing a design system that will kick start the products next phase.

Customer Validation & Development

Our customer validation process tests the assumptions embedded within your business model; we know just how crucial customer feedback is for validating the problem you’re trying to solve, the market you’re aiming to enter and the product you want to create. By getting input from your target audience at the earliest stages of development, key decisions are always based on hard evidence and commercial potential.

Product Development Stack

Rapid MVPs

Our engineers drive your ideas past proof of concept to create a product capable of gaining market feedback. By launching something your users can start to interact with, you can gauge willingness to buy whilst addressing key bugs to perfect next iterations. An MVP is the perfect way to test whether new offerings gain traction with new demographics without jeopardising the loyalty of your most dedicated customers.

Agile Development

As buzzword du jour, many companies preach the Agile Gospel without really staying true to the principles of the approach.

Agile is nothing new for d.labs. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, balancing our clients’ ambitions with their customers’ feedback. Agile development is so much more than sporadically applying Scrum, Extreme Programming or Feature-Driven Development frameworks; it’s a sincere commitment to staying flexible from ideation to scale. Our agile mindset ensures that a partnership with d.labs is one best placed to deal with uncertainty and able to thrive when faced with sudden changes.

Product Design

Practicing product design allows us to make smart and strategic product choices every step of the product lifecycle. Our product designers don't just provide wireframes and pixels, they are capable of identifying a market opportunity, defining the problem at hand and create a solution for it that takes into account the current stage of the product.

How our clients usually start working with us:

Make the call

The d.labs team is always looking for ways where we can give back to the entrepreneurial ecosystem our company supports and depends upon. As such, we are now offering founders outside of our portfolio the opportunity to book a free 30 minute call with one of our partners to discuss how your business can rise to the challenges and opportunities represented by COVID-19. Part counseling, part crisis management, these calls lend a sympathetic ear and a go-forward strategy to those who need them most.
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